1. ahundredemeraldcities:

    Pink overload  Some prints of mine from PINKD Publication are gonna be up at Jump From Paper’s pink collection pop up shop and launch party on Friday. Event info here.

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    Another Babe’s Treasure

    I contributed to this new re-occurring feature on The Pulp Zine where every month the fashion staff (which now includes me!) will be sharing our latest finds. It’s kind of great because it gives me a chance to write about clothes and style in a very informal and fun way. I also did the featured photo of a little shrine I made ♥ 


  3. cactuseeds said: i love your photography! it's so beautiful, you have a real talent :)

    Thank you! That’s very sweet of you to say. x

  4. ahundredemeraldcities:

    ♥ Shrine, 2012 
    I made this shrine exactly two years ago as my ‘self portrait’ for my first day at university. Shooting another shrine for The Pulp Zine today, gonna be much much better!!

  5. ahundredemeraldcities:

    Elisha being cute by the sea. I need more polaroid film it makes everything look beautiful, why is it so expensive :(

  6. ahundredemeraldcities:

    Cute polaroid of Elisha looking like a badass witchy babe and some nice shadows.


  7. coleyjones said: I love your photos! especially the 'age of innocence' ones :D

    Thank you :) Glad you like them. xo

  8. ahundredemeraldcities:

    Some photos I took in a book 💕💖 Pinkd Publication curated by @livthurley & @ar3ana coming soooon 🎀

    Some photos of mine are going to be published in a book <3

  9. Bought some nice new underwear, had the day off work and felt like taking some photos. Self Portrait, July 2014 ❤️

  10. Primary Colours for The Pulp Zine.
    Photography & Styling by Scarlett Shaney
    Clothing by Jessica Shaw
    Model Elisha van Rijswijk