Scarlett Shaney Nevada
London based fashion photographer studying at the London College of Fashion
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do you use a flash in most of your fashion photography or work with natural light?

Almost always natural light. I think I’ve only ever used flash on location like once. It can actually look really amazing, I’d love to learn more about outdoor lighting effects, I’ve only had very brief workshops on it. Also I don’t own any flash equipment :( 

do i you have any ideas for a anniversary present i can make/buy that wont take too long? love your blog

Well I can’t suggest anything specific but you should make them something really personal and sweet, think about what their favourite things are & make them something related to that. I love this card someone made for their boyfriend (only really makes sense if you watch Breaking Bad but you get the idea).
For my ex I got him a rare vinyl he wanted, a band t-shirt for one of his favourite bands and gig tickets. Oh and I made him cupcakes and a card :) My best friend bought her & her boyfriend Jack White tickets & kept it secret for about 4 months & then on their anniversary said they were going to London for the day and then told him in the evening that they were actually going to see Jack White play. Its all relative to what sort of person they are though and the things they like but I’d say something really personal, that shows you know them really well and is thoughtful.

Do you take photos of friends and random people, or are they always of models? I'm just wondering because I'd love to work with you for my blog, and I was wondering if you would do it for free, of course you can use all images for your portfolio and on your website. Anyways, keep up the great work! :) X

Yeah most of the time I take photos of friends, acquaintances and occasionally random people, they’re hardly ever professional models. 
Email me at in regards to shooting enquirys :) give me some more info and we can have a chat about it. x